Holiday Survival Guide

The Streets of San Diego
- Photo by Ann Marie Wilson

You've been screaming at your dead plant for over half an hour in a foreshadowing failed attempt to have a mature response to your family's incessant life drilling painstaking questions. Take a breath, water that lump, and walk away. 

Who says we have to spend every waking, heart pumping, fist pounding, holiday moment with the ones we love and yearn to understand?

  • STEPPIN OUT! Plan your holiday visit as if you were visiting a new city. If you are celebrating in a metropolitan area then your holiday adventures will be packed with tricks and kicks. Be sure to schedule an outting that YOU are specifically interested in, and get away for a couple of hours when you feel the walls crumbling in on you like a soggy breakfast taco.
  • WORK IT! Give yourself a creative work project while you are away. So while everyone is wasting hours of the day watching the same Christmas rerun, you will be beaming from achievement.
  • ACTIVATE! What can everyone get excited about? Actually, you just need one very pushy person to be inspired, and the dominos will be toppling over like your liquored up grandma into the newly bobbled Christmas tree. Camp fire? Card game? Ping pong? Poetry slam? Charades? Get people moving and shaking. Change everyone's focus to a challenge instead of your questionable life choices, and the holidays might actually hold a little laughter this season.
  • FLYING SOLO THIS YEAR? Not to worry! Volunteer, rent a movie, call a friend, throw a party, or just go out and see the city. Reconnect with yourself without the noise of social media or Uncle Harry slurring "Jingle Bells, Batman smells."
  • ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE PEOPLE! As annoying as this sounds, try to nurture the tiny glittering chirping delight in every single moment you have with your family. One day they won't be here. You'll make a move to laugh and elbow them to reminisce about the past, but you'll only nudge the bitter sweet cold and hear only crackling silence. So hug them, love them (faults included), and cherish their dumb words while making them feel wise. They absolutley do the same for you, and when they don't, three words. Pass. The. Eggnog.

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